In my friends I am the craftsman Emily s -will be the clown Emily c- patriarch Brown- matriarch   In my family I am the Craftsman as I am the most creative and I make a lot of things at home. Mum will be the matriarch Dad will be the patriarch Brother will be the […]

I enjoyed watching  it as I enjoyed reading the script and seeing how they put it in to the TV show. It was a bit different to the script as they made it longer as the show is 1 hour and half and the script is an hour. I found it enjoyably to watch as […]

I have interviewed 10 people about what audio that they listen to. I am going to play you all the interview and talk about if it is broadcast or non-broadcast audio. Here is the first one. She listen to broadcast as she on the FM radio. She listen to broadcast as she on in the […]

Hi the Game I am reviewing is slime laboratory 2 from It is about moving the slime around a lab with the keys on the keyboard. I think the game is not addicted to play as you will not get in to the play like that. I find it easy at the start then […]

I am going to talk to you about the first professor Layton game on the DS that is called the curious village. The visual style for this game is nice and bright as you can see all for what is going on. It has a lot of detail in the style for it so you […]

I am reviewing and evaluate all my work I did for the genre theory assignment. I am going to tell you about my film reviews, genre questions and task 3 about different types of writing in the media. The research  I have done for these tasks are I used class discussions, class notes they are the primary research […]

The story did not develop how I thought it would as I thought it would be the way it was. I thought it was going to be more showing something that happen like showing what really happen to his dad. The inspiration for the film came from a football match that had happen. It about […]